Enjoying dance without barriers

Lilli tanzt in der Gruppe

Enjoying dance without barriers

“Its about togetherness, about experiencing yourself in a new way when your are dancing – no matter whether you are blind, visually impaired or not. It's about what dance can mean for us and which spaces it can open up.” Lilli Beresin, Founder

Participation through awareness

In co-operation with stakeholder organisations an dance experts from Austria, Germany and Uruguay, we have developed a special didactic and training programme. It allows blind, visual impaired an sighted people to discover the nature of Latin dances like Tango, Merengue, Kizomba and more, using simple step system.

Mutual benefits through inclusion

Getting into the music, its rhythm and engaging with a dance partner has nothing to do with eyesight: it is also possible to learn dancing through other senses. When sighted people dance blindfolded in our classes, they experience a new approach to movement altogether.

Inspiration through experiences

The idea behind Lillis Ballroom is based on Lilli Beresin's (Founder) first-hand experience and her wish to create a space where blind and visually impaired people can dance without barriers. The studio is located in Spittelau Stadtbahnbögen with barrier-free access. Taktile floor markings lead from the underground station to the studio, and the courses are organized as open classes.

Lillis Ballroom – Freedom dances where there are no boundaries.